A strong powerful body. Want it? The Chinese idiom "shēn qiáng lì zhuàng" 身强力壮.

Health and body consciousness is becoming more prevalent. Have you been checking your muscle tone after your attempts at "working out"? Is having a powerful and beautiful body becoming more and more equated with power and success in life?

A strong powerful body, "shēn qiáng lì zhuàng" 身强力壮. 
Credit tupian.hudong.com  
I recently looked up the Chinese word for "strong", 强 (強,彊) [qiáng] in the (成语) Chengyu Dictionary of Chinese Idioms at Chinese-Tools.com (which you can find on the LearnchineseOK.com page on the top 20 free online Chinese dictionaries) and found the idiomatic phrase "shēn qiáng lì zhuàng" 身强力壮, 身 - body, 强 - strong, 力 - power, 壮 - strong. So you could apply the phrase whenever you need to describe a "strong power strong body", that is, a strong powerful body.

The photo above is an example of the way "shēn qiáng lì zhuàng" 身强力壮 is used to describe a strong powerful body. That guy thinks he has a "shēn qiáng lì zhuàng" because that's the title he's given the photo... A little scrawny perhaps?

[Here's the Chinese-Tools Chengyu Dictionary entry for "shēn qiáng lì zhuàng" 身强力壮.
And here is the same idiom in NCIKU.com with audio, sentence examples, and English translations.]

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