Practice reading online Chinese novels, classical as well as modern & popular literature

Practice reading online Chinese literature, including Chinese novels, classical as well as modern & popular literature - for free!

Sites with Chinese E-Text, from the MCLC @ Ohio State University, directory of online Chinese literature texts, includes list by alphabetical author names [ ]

Archive of Chinese Teaching Materials @ Harvard University, East Asian Language Center, good collection of literature

Taiwan's Academica Sinica resource links by Assoc. Prof. Karen Chung @, links to various large corpora of classical and modern Chinese literature at the Academica Sinica in Taiwan [ ]

E-Book Library @, large collection of books and stories, with English translations, online or downloadable, including contemporary, historical, fables and poetry [ ]

Taiwan OCAC's Digitalized Publications, Taiwan OCAC's index page of all of its own e-books [ ] [ ] which also include:

- Taiwan /

- children's stories /

- the ancient "36 Strategems" /


- riddle-phrases,

New Threads Electronic Library
, "described by our readers as the most complete public archive site of Chinese classics available on the Web", and includes modern literature and non-fiction, all in Chinese [ ] online library, a vast online Chinese literature library including popular literature, all in Chinese [ ]

the online Yifan Public Library @, another large online Chinese literature library with texts from classical to modern literature, all in Chinese [ ], thousands, if not millions, of Chinese ebooks, all in Chinese [ ] online novels, surf in a sea of novels, all in Chinese [ ], popular literature, all in Chinese [ ]

New Novels (, a collection of contemporary Chinese novels available online, all in Chinese [ ]

Modern Chinese Literature online texts @ Rico's Hong Kong Entertainment Bar, around 15 examples, all in Chinese [ ]

Readings @
, mixture of 10 readings from classics to modern, with links to extensive reading resources [ ]

Chinese Literature @ University of Virginia, 8 books of literature from different periods [ ]

Internet Chinese Text Archive @ [ ]

Overview & Categorization of Chinese Literature by Dr. Ulrich Theobald @, thorough categorization and overview of Chinese literature; including categorization by Time, by Theme, by the traditional Four Categories, by Alphabetical Order A to Z [ ]

- Chinese poetry
- Classical Chinese Literature

directory of online Chinese literature texts, sites with Chinese E-Text, @ Ohio State University
Directory of Sites with Chinese E-Text, from the MCLC @ Ohio State University, directory of online Chinese literature texts

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