Learn to SPEAK CONVERSATIONAL CHINESE with hundreds of free online lessons.

Free online lessons to learn Spoken Chinese Conversation.

Spoken Chinese @ xcn-chinese.com

Beginner Spoken Chinese @ xcn-chinese.com, over 40 video lessons using native Chinese speakers, with vocabulary review and dialogue transcripts; written in English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://www.xcn-chinese.com/www/chinese_course/life_in_china_Intermediate/index.asp ]

Intermediate Spoken Chinese @ xcn-chinese.com, over 50 lessons, with vocabulary review, sentence examples, dialogues, many as video lessons using native Chinese speakers [ http://www.xcn-chinese.com/www/chinese_course/life_in_china/index.asp ]

- Chinese for Daily Life, written dialogues in Chinese, pinyin and English translation, lessons for over 400 everyday situations! With English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics. [ http://www.xcn-chinese.com/www/Daily_Life/Daily_words/index.asp ]

"Get Talking (Easy Peasy) Chinese for beginners" @ mandarinchineseschool.com, download PDF book, 130 pages, and audio files

"Spoken Chinese 900" textbook @ mandarinchineseschool.com, download PDF Book 1 & Book 2, 400 pages total, and audio files

Business Chinese 900:
- @ Ecns.cn, around 200 sentences with Pinyin phonetics and English [ http://www.ecns.cn/learning-Chinese/bc/index.shtml ]
- @ hujiang.com, around 600 sentences with Pinyin phonetics and English [ http://cn.hujiang.com/new/topic/703/ ], or as indexed by Google.com
- @ Chinese Language Net, all 900 sentences, with English but NO Pinyin phonetics [ http://hanyu.zhyww.cn/List_962.html ]

Dialogues @ china.org, over 80 lessons in everyday conversation with audio, English, Chinese text, Pinyin phonetics and vocabulary
http://www.china.org.cn/learning_chinese/dialogue/node_7046025.htm ]

Chinese Dialogues @ chinesehour.com,  for beginner, elementary and intermediate levels; over 120 lessons in total in a variety of situations for speaking conversational Chinese; with audio, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics; English translations for featured vocabulary [ http://www.chinesehour.com/liveclass/topics/level/1/ ]

Speaking Chinese @ ChineseLearner.com:  36 speaking lessons, sentences in Chinese text with Pinyin phonetics and English, each sentence with Flash audio file [ http://www.chineselearner.com/speaking/ ]

Common Chinese Sentence Patterns @ huayuworld.org, 12 lessons, with audio, English, Chinese text, Pinyin phonetics, bopomofo Zhuyin phonetics, dialogues, grammar, drills, pronunciation, various interactive exercises, site uses Flash browser plugin [ http://media.huayuworld.org/culture/biweekly/99common/index.htm ], mirror at [ http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/culture/biweekly/99common/index.htm ]

Daily Sentence in Taiwan @ huayuworld.org, sentences for everyday life when you are in Taiwan, 3  levels in 6 categories (tourism, multicultural, campus life, customs, social, food & clothes), with audio, English, simplified & traditional Chinese text, Pinyin phonetics, site uses Flash browser plugin [ http://www.huayuworld.org/learning/daily_sentence/ ]

Speak Chinese lessons @ hellomandarin.com, over 40 Beginner dialogues with English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://www.hellomandarin.com/ilovechinese/conversation/ ]

Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online by Prof. Tianwei XIE @ csulb.edu,  15 Units with mp3 audio files, English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://www.csulb.edu/~txie/ccol/content.htm ]

Basic Spoken Mandarin @ Oxford University's CTCFL, 6 lessons, with dialogues, audio, vocabulary, exercises [ http://www.ctcfl.ox.ac.uk/Spoken%20Chinese/SpeakingMandarin.htm ]

mandarinclickbyclick.com. In-depth lessons created by James Steed for speaking conversational Chinese, categorized under 12 topics of everyday conversation. Dialogues written in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Pinyin phonetics and English translation. Extensive treatment of vocabulary including stroke order animations and example sentences. Flashcards. Extensive activities for practice. [ http://mandarinclickbyclick.com/ ]

Daily Chinese @ mandarinreview.com, around 25 lessons for learning to speak conversational Chinese for daily life, with vocabulary and dialogues, written in English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://www.mandarinreview.com/search/label/Daily%20Chinese ]

Lessons to Learn Chinese Conversation @ justlearnchinese.com, around 18 lessons starting from beginners,with some grammatical approach, with audio, English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics, and an animated stroke order widget for learning to write [ http://justlearnchinese.com/lessons/ ]

Chinese Travel Phrasebook @ wikivoyage.org, substantial phrasebook that includes numbers, time, dates, colors, directions, eating etc., with English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Chinese_phrasebook ] [ http://wikitravel.org/en/Chinese_phrasebook ]

Chinese Phrases for Travelers @ chinese.travel-way.net, online phrasebook in over 100 categories; with audio, English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://chinese.travel-way.net/ ]

Learn to Speak Chinese @ travelchinaguide.com, 20 lessons in basic Chinese and travel Chinese; with audio, English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://community.travelchinaguide.com/learn-chinese/ ]

Basic Expressions in Chinese @ travelchinaguide.com, 5 pages with English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics, in PDF format [ http://www.travelchinaguide.com/essential/basic-expressions-in-chinese.pdf ]

Learn Chinese Through Street Signs @ mtsu.edu, finding accommodation, at the train station, emergencies, at the hospital etc., with English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://lingua.mtsu.edu/qing/signs/index.php ]

Conversations @ nciku.com. Dialogues with audio, English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics. Over 700 topics! [ http://www.nciku.com/conversation ]

Speech Dictionary @ chinesesavvy.com, conversational sentences classified alphabetically by topic, with audio, English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://app.chinesesavvy.com/services/dictionary/sentence/DictionarySentencePO.ot ]

How to Say It in Mandarin? @ sophilina.com, over 300 miscellaneous conversational phrases with Flash audio, English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://sophilina.com/index.php?p=hts ]

Practical Chinese @ ForeignerCN.com, over 100 assorted short topics of language for popular common everyday use that includes slang

Chinese Daily Dialogue @ chinesetimeschool.com, short sentences in 67 lessons, with audio, English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics; in categories such as Directions, Weather, Personal Introductions, Greeting, Visiting, Date, Time, Shopping, Asking for Help

Chinese Colloquial Phrases @ i.myechinese.com, over 100 phrases, with example sentences, English, Chinese text and Pinyin phonetics [ http://i.myechinese.com/apps/lib/index.php?s=/Topic/index/gid/30 ]

- Language Learning VIDEOS
- Comprehensive Integrated Lessons

Common Chinese Sentence Patterns, 12 lessons, with audio, pinyin, dialogues, @ huayuworld.org
Common Chinese Sentence Patterns @ huayuworld.org, 12 lessons, with audio

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  1. These resources are really helpful. I recommend another, iChineseLearning's Basic Chinese lessons will improve your comprehensive ability of speaking mandarin Chinese in a complete Chinese environment.

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