Learn & improve through Chinese READING practice, from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced reading levels.

Practice and improve your Chinese READING; from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced levels. All free material, online.

Before using the reading materials below, first learn the basics about Chinese characters and the evolution and etymology of written Chinese characters. Then take some lower level step-by-step integrated lessons that can get you started with speaking, listening, reading and writing. Then when you want to focus on improving your reading, try the following:

"Read Chinese!" from the U.S. Government funded National Foreign Language Center. Two levels, lots of reading passages with activities, beginning with four basic lessons on Chinese characters, and ranging to passages on history and geography. [ http://readchinese.nflc.org/ ]

Chinese Reading World @ University of Iowa
, over 150 reading lessons each with audio and questions, for Beginning and Intermediate levels [ http://www.uiowa.edu/~chnsrdng/ ]

Graded Readers @ yes-chinese.com, hundreds of interactive stories and articles (uses Flash browser plugin), graded into 12 reading levels correlated to HSK levels (sub-categories of Elementary, High School and Adult, plus a pre-school level), with audio, link to Yes-Chinese dictionary entries but NO English translation of reading [ http://www.yes-chinese.com/reading/ ]

Chinese readings @ University of Virginia on their Chinese Language and Literature website, over 50 readings with audio for Beginners and Intermediate levels [ http://faculty.virginia.edu/cll/chinese_reading/ ]

Stepping Stones @ ClavisSinica.com by Prof. David Porter of the University of Michigan.  "The goal of the series is to provide a systematic introduction to the 300 most commonly used Chinese characters... Each lesson presents a short, simple reading--usually either a poem or a simplified version of a famous Chinese story..." 9 lessons, with audio, vocabulary review and exercises. [ http://www.clavisinica.com/SS/intro.html ]

Reading resources in the Chinese Language Program @ usc.edu. Extensive reading resources with graded readings and comprehension questions, including Humorous Stories, Origins of Idioms, Ancient Chinese Myths, Chinese Poems [ http://www.usc.edu/dept/ealc/chinese/newweb/reading_page.htm ]

A Chinese Text Sampler, a Collection of Texts for Students of Chinese @ University of Michigan by Prof. David Porter. A very extensive collection of graded passages (graded by numerical ratings next to each title, on a scale from one to seven, of the relative difficulty based on the usage frequency of the characters). Divided into 6 categories: Chinese Language in Daily Life, Modern Chinese Literature, Classical Chinese Literature, Chinese Film & Songs, Chinese Fables, Chinese History. [ http://www-personal.umich.edu/~dporter/sampler/sampler.html ]

Reading for Pre-school Literacy @ studychinese.tripod.com. 32 lessons of reading for Chinese pre-schoolers (NO English, totally in Chinese) [ http://studychinese.tripod.com/textbook.htm ]

Xuele @ Singapore Ministry of Education's edumall.sg, "Chinese Language Digital Resources", totally in Chinese (NO English), programmed completely in interactive Flash browser plugin software, with audio [ http://xuele.edumall.sg ] [ http://xuele.edumall.sg/xuele/slot/u107/index.html ]:
- Elementary School: reading passages with audio and pinyin, for the six grades of elementary school, around 100 reading lessons in total [ http://xuele.edumall.sg/xuele/slot/u107/index1.html ]
- Middle School: Reading Comprehension with audio and exercises, Review exercises & tests [ http://xuele.edumall.sg/xuele/slot/u107/Sec/index2.htm ]

Reading @ hellomandarin.com. 8 intermediate & advanced passages with comprehension questions [ http://www.hellomandarin.com/ilovechinese/reading/ ]

Reading Skills on the Chinese Language Skills for Britain website of Oxford University's CTCFL. 9 reading passages (10-17 unavailable) with Sentence pattern index, Vocabulary index and audio [ http://www.ctcfl.ox.ac.uk/FDTL/one.shtml ]

Selected Reading @ minmm.com, Beginner and Intermediate reading passages, over 15 in total, with mouseover annotations, links to 7 Advanced passages, extensive directory of individual audio books [ http://www.minmm.com/minc/read.php ]

Chinese Online Reading Assistant @ University of Illinois (archived version), about 15 Advanced reading passages, simplified or traditional, click for vocabulary annotations.

Listen & Read Chinese @ Confucius Institute Online, 14 passages to read and listen to audio of the passage [ http://adult.chinese.cn/node_672.htm ]

First Steps in Reading Chinese @ Wake Forest University by Assoc. Prof. Patrick Edwin Moran (retired) - reading materials and stories with hypertext vocabulary:
- 11 lessons in Unit One [ http://www.wfu.edu/~moran/First_Semester_TOC.html ]
- 11 lessons in Unit Two [ http://www.wfu.edu/~moran/Black_Dragon_TOC.html ]
PDF files for vocabulary, characters and compounds
[ http://www.wfu.edu/~moran/xueshenglu/student_router.html ]

Chinese reading lessons, with audio, over a hundred lessons, Chinese Reading World @ University of Iowa
Chinese Reading World @ University of Iowa, over 150 reading lessons, with audio

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  1. Hi there,

    This list of resources are very well done! I've checked quite a few links that led to site with high quality Chinese reading materials that I didn't know before.

    I also write short stories on my site for graded Chinese levels, if you're interested, you can come have a look. Most of them have recorded audios as well:




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