Learn Chinese language through poems and poetry reading

Anyone for Chinese poetry? Expand your knowledge of Chinese language by reading and studying Chinese poems.

Tang Dynasty 300 Poems @ mandarinchineseschool.com, download PDF book, with English and Pinyin [ http://www.mandarinchineseschool.com/chinese-cultures/238-free-download-300-tang-poemsin-chinese-pinyin-and-english ]

Chinese Poems @ xcn-chinese.com
, around 80 poems in Chinese, pinyin and English translation with audio [ http://www.xcn-chinese.com/www/chinese_basic/Poems/ ]

Poetry @ Confucius Institute Online, over 40 poems with videos, pinyin and English [ http://adult.chinese.cn/node_660.htm ]

Ancient Poems @ china.org.cn, over 50 poems with beautiful interactive Flash files, with English [ http://www.china.org.cn/learning_chinese/ancient_poems/node_7046034.htm ]

Poetry @ chinesehelper.cn (all in Chinese, NO English):
- Poetry Channel, extensive categorized body of Chinese poetry from ancient to contemporary (all in Chinese, NO English) [ http://sc.chinesehelper.cn/ ]
- Classical Poetry Flash Animations, around 600 classical poems as beautiful interactive animations with audio using the Flash browser plugin [ http://bk.chinesehelper.cn/tssc/ ]

Poetry @ yes-chinese.com, classical poems with audio (totally in Chinese, NO English, programmed completely for the Flash browser plugin) [ http://www.yes-chinese.com/poetry/index.jsp ]

Classical Poems @ i.myechinese.com, over 60 Chinese classical poems, with audio, pinyin, vocabulary notes and analysis in Chinese and English (some missing sound files can be found here )

Classical Poetry @ chinapage.com, over 100 Chinese classical poems (totally in Chinese, NO English),
- poetry in simplified Chinesehttp://www.chinapage.com/gb/poetry/poetry.html ],
- poetry in traditional Chinesehttp://www.chinapage.com/big5/big5-poetry.html ]

Chinese Poems @ chinesetolearn.com, around 20 poems with Youtube.com videos; with Chinese , pinyin and English; analysis in English [ http://www.chinesetolearn.com/chinese-poems/ ]

Classical Poems sung for children @ gushi160.com, over 250 video songs with lyrics from classical poems, with Chinese subtitles, explanation and analysis in Chinese, uses Flash player browser plugin (click on 歌曲视频) at [ http://gushi160.com/ ]

Translated Poems @ the Chinese poemlife.com, many translated contemporary poems with Chinese and English [ http://www.poemlife.com/tranlist.htm ]

SEE ALSO: Poetry sections in large Literature Resources

Ancient Chinese Classical Poems presented in beautiful interactive Flash files, @ china.org.cn
Ancient Poems @ china.org.cn, over 50 poems with beautiful interactive Flash files

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