Rules of Chinese GRAMMAR to check your errors and mistakes, for the correct writing and speaking of Chinese, with free online Chinese grammar lessons & exercises

Focus on GRAMMAR to improve all your Chinese language skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading. Study all the Chinese grammar rules to learn to correct your writing and speaking of the Chinese language and eliminate common errors and mistakes, with free online lessons and exercises on grammar topics such as: Chinese measure words, use of numerals & time words, Chinese parts of speech, Chinese particles, Chinese verb complements, possession, aspect in Chinese, word order, Chinese sentence structure, sentence patterns, sentence elements, question forms and interrogatives, negation, Chinese conjunctions and connectors, comparatives.

Online Chinese Grammar @ Oxford University's CTCFL, over 40 grammar units [ ]

Elementary Grammar Revision @ Oxford University's CTCFL ]

An Introduction to Chinese Grammar @, an exhaustive presentation as a reference on the fundamental elements of Chinese grammar, with sections on Parts of Speech, Phrases, Sentence Elements, Simple Sentences, Complex Sentences, Comparison [ ]

Chinese Grammar Wiki @ [ ], includes:
- Parts of Speech [ ]
- Grammar Points by Level [ ]
- Chinese Textbook Grammar Index, index of grammar points by chapter, to 12 popular textbooks for learning Chinese [ ]

Mandarin Chinese Grammar for Pimsleur Students @, "a collection of information that might come in handy for Pimsleur students, like a systematic grammar overview...designed specially for users who study Mandarin Chinese with the Pimsleur audio program" [ ]

Grammar @
Grammar Lessons @, over 60 lessons to illustrate individual grammar points, with examples and dialogues, most are well produced video lessons with detailed review, and use native Chinese speakers [ ]
- Chinese Grammar @, around 200 grammar points explained as a reference [ ]

Grammar Errors @, lessons on over 60 common grammar errors [ ]

Basic Chinese Grammar @ by Prof Richard VanNess Simmons, a review of basic Chinese grammar in "slide" presentation format for your web browser, 30 topics [ ]

Grammar Videos @ from China's Confucius Institute Online, 30 videos to explain individual grammar points [ ]

Grammar Guide from (version @
- Parts of Speech
- Newbie grammar guide
- Elementary grammar guide

Chinese Grammar @, over 20 various grammar points explained in blog posts [ ]

Chinese Grammar @, over 15 grammar topics explained as a reference [ ]

Mandarin Essential Grammar @ Yale Center for Language Study, intensive treatment of 9 different topics of Chinese grammar [ ]

Grammar @, 9 grammar topics [ ]

Grammar resources @ by Yang Yang:
- Three free video lessons on Chinese word order by Yang Yang, TV show host and reporter [ ]
- Question Words Cheat Sheet, in PDF file format ]
- Measure Words Summary Table, in PDF file format ]
- Chinese Time Related Words and Phrases Summary Table, in PDF file format ]
- Country, Nationality and Language Summary Table, in PDF file format ]
- How to use “which, this, that, these, those, etc.", in PDF file format ]
- Ten Common Chinese Grammar Mistakes ]

Lessons for Learning Mandarin Chinese @, a few simple grammar topics here,  including parts of speech, "and", neither/nor, some / any / a few ]

Grammar & usage @ Chinese Language Net, totally in Chinese (NO pinyin or English):
- Language usage, around 30 articles on points of usage of certain language in Chinese [ ]
- Grammar, around 10 articles on certain points of grammar in Chinese [ ]

Three Things to Know About Chinese Grammar @ Three important chracteristics of Chinese grammar: 1) There are few changes of gender, number, case, tense, aspect, voice, etc.; and the few limited changes are not universal. 2) Importance of Word Order and Function Words such as 的, 把, 被. 3) Measure Words are numerous. [ ]

Basics of Chinese Grammar from LIOW Kah Joon on one page [ ]

review of basic Chinese grammar from Rutgers University, 30 topics
Basic Chinese Grammar @, 30-topic review of basic Chinese grammar

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