Learn & memorize Chinese VOCABULARY with extensive word lists & categories, online interactive flashcards, and vocabulary quizzes & tests

Focus on VOCABULARY to improve all your Chinese language skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading. Learn, study and expand your Chinese vocabulary a hundred different ways:
# listen to audio and read & memorize vocabulary lists & categories, # online interactive picture flashcards, # printable flashcards, # online vocabulary quizzes / tests / games, # online spaced repetition memory learning systems, # customize personalize and make your own vocabulary collection / lists / flashcards / quizzes / tests / activities, # slang & colloquial buzzwords, # graded HSK vocabulary lists

nciku Vocab Lists [ http://www.nciku.com/vocab ]
- choose from thousands of vocab lists (with pinyin, English & audio) or easily, and even automatically, make your own
- make an automated MP3 audio recording of the vocab list
- export to your computer
- print flashcards
- use vocab lists in four kinds of interactive online Memorization Tests: fill in the correct word, choose the correct definition, translate, dictation
- thousands of vocab lists / online flashcards by theme, with pinyin, English, pictures & audio @ nciku Theme Words [ http://www.nciku.com/theme ], study the Theme Words through online Flashcards with hide/reveal fields [ http://hi.nciku.com/space.php?do=testflashcards ], or in a Theme Word Quiz [ http://hi.nciku.com/space.php?do=testflashcards ]

Chinese Vocabulary Categories @ learningchocolate.com by Amy Wilson. Over 60 categories each with pictures, audio and games for learning the vocabulary. Targeted at children.[ http://www.learningchocolate.com/?st_lang=zh-hans ]

Everyday Topics in "Ting" Chinese Study Center website @ University of Maine at Farmington
- Extensive collection of thousands of words and phrases, each with audio by multiple speakers, organized into over 20 topic categories. You can open an account to choose words you wish to learn: review lists, flash cards, quizzes. [ http://hua.umf.maine.edu/Chinese/topics/topics.html ]

Special word categories in "Ting" Chinese Study Center website @ University of Maine at Farmington, click to listen to audio:
Chinese dynasties [ http://hua.umf.maine.edu/Chinese/topics/dynasty/douying.html ]
Chinese provinces and provincial capitals, click on the map [ http://hua.umf.maine.edu/Chinese/maps/chinese_map.html ]
U.S. states, click on the map [ http://hua.umf.maine.edu/Chinese/maps/usmap.html ]

VisualChinese.com, thousands of Chinese words in over a hundred categories in a bilingual picture dictionary, with user contributed social system [ http://visualchinese.com/themewords/wordbank.aspx ]

Vocabulary @ yes-chinese.com, with pictures, character stroke animations, audio, and English (uses the Flash browser plugin):
- Vocabulary flash cards. Try the menu items on the right hand side, or enter you own list of words to make interactive online flash cards. [ http://www.yes-chinese.com/card/index.jsp ]; includes:
          - over 70 categorieshttp://www.yes-chinese.com/card/card_theme.jsp ] [ http://kid.chinese.cn/card/index.html ]
          - 19 categorieshttp://www.yes-chinese.com/card/card_cnpic.jsp?lang=en ]
Graded Vocabulary Flashcards, interactive online flashcards graded into 12 reading levels correlated to HSK levels, includes traditional character option, pinyin option, link to the Yes-Chinese dictionary entry [ http://www.yes-chinese.com/zh-cn/reading/list.do?type=6&level=GR-01 ]
- World Around Us, categories such as residential district, retail, industrial, transport etc., uses Flash software [ http://www.yes-chinese.com/zw/index.jsp ]
Atlas of the World & China, interactive maps, for the names of each country in the world; China provinces and capital cities, important rivers, famous scenic spots [ http://www.yes-chinese.com/zw/map.jsp ]

Vocabulary flashcards @ Confucius Institute Online:
- vocabulary flashcards @ culture.chinese.cn, online flashcards for over 70 categories related to various aspects of Chinese culture, with pinyin, English, audio, writing stroke order animation [ http://culture.chinese.cn/learning/node_1399.htm ]
- vocabulary flashcards @ kid.chinese.cn, over 70 categories of online flash cards, with pinyin, English, audio, character stroke order animation [ http://kid.chinese.cn/card/index.html ]

Mandarin Vocabulary @ LanguageGuide.org:
- Archive, around 50 categories with pictures, Chinese and pinyin [ http://www.languageguide.org/mandarin/archive.jsp ]
- Practice Audio Mandarin Vocabulary, over 10 categories, with pictures, Chinese and pinyin, mouseover for audio [ http://www.languageguide.org/mandarin/vocabulary/ ]

Chinese Picture Dictionary @ Yale University, over 50 categories with 20 vocabulary items per category, with Chinese, English, pinyin, audio and pictures [ http://classes.yale.edu/chns130/Dictionary/index.html ]

Flash Cards online @ chinesehour.com, sets of online Chinese flash cards in over 30 categories, with images, pinyin, English and Flash audio [ http://www.chinesehour.com/library/chinese-cards/ ]

Chinese Vocabulary Online Flashcards @ OCAC.gov.tw, numerous online flashcards (traditional characters) in 16 categories, with writing animations and audio [ http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/lang/basic/ch_cards/03/INDEX2.HTM ]

semanda.com, picture flashcards in 19 categories, with Pinyin and English, quizzes, online and PDF printable [  http://www.semanda.com/ ]

Learn Chinese Vocabulary @ zapchinese.com, over 15 categories, with English, Pinyin and audio [ http://www.zapchinese.com/ ]

Chinese Vocabulary Online Games @ digitaldialects.com, learn vocabulary through online Flash games, around 10 categories of vocabulary [ http://www.digitaldialects.com/Chinese.htm ]

Learning Chinese Words @ chinese-fun.net, various posts on around 10 categories of Chinese vocabulary, with Pinyin and English [ http://china-fun.net/LearnCHS/Character/ ]

Study Tools @ chinesetimeschool.com
- Learn Chinese Flashcards, 16 categories of online flashcards, with English, Pinyin and audio [ http://www.chinesetimeschool.com/en-us/study-tools/learn-chinese-flashcard/ ]
- Slang, over 40 posts about Chinese slang, including internet slang and hot slang [ http://www.chinesetimeschool.com/en-us/articles/list/slang/ ]
- Chinese Family Titles, interactive look-up tables [ http://www.chinesetimeschool.com/en-us/study-tools/chinese-family-relationships/ ]

Flash Cards @ ShuFaWest.us interactive vocabulary flashcards in over 40 lessons, you can hide fields to test yourself, based on vocabulary from textbook lessons:
- "Interactions" I & II vocabulary drill flashcards [ http://shufawes.ipower.com/language/flashcard.html ]
- "Connections" I & II vocabulary drill flashcards [ http://shufawes.ipower.com/language/con_flash.html ]

SEE ALSO vocabulary resources for "New Practical Chinese Reader" and "Integrated Chinese" textbooks.

Atypical Chinese Vocabulary Lists @ sinosplice.com, atypical vocabulary lists such as Alcohol vocabulary, Onomatopeia, Cartoon character names [ http://www.sinosplice.com/learn-chinese/chinese-vocabulary-lists ]

Popular Chinese Words @ echineselearning.com, over 250 colloquial words and phrases, with pinyin and English explanation, sentence examples and audio [ http://resources.echineselearning.com/dailybrief/ ]

Buzzword blog @ shanghaidaily.com, hundreds of the latest Chinese buzzwords (with pinyin) explained in English [ http://www.shanghaidaily.com/buzzword/ ]

Buzz Words in Chinese news @ Ecns.cn, with pinyin and English explanation [ http://www.ecns.cn/learning-Chinese/bw/index.shtml ]

Popular & Practical Colloquial Words @ i.myechinese.com, around 150 words & terms, in Chinese and English, with explanations and sentence examples (with Chinese audio) [ http://i.myechinese.com/apps/lib/index.php?s=/Topic/index/gid/31 ]

Slang & Character Stories @ theworldofchinese.com (also karaoke lyrics to a few popular songs available, with pinyin and English commentary):
- Slang [ http://www.theworldofchinese.com/category/language/chinese-slang/ ]
- Character Stories, articles in English about particular Chinese characters [ http://www.theworldofchinese.com/category/language/character-stories/ ]

Hot New Words & Terms of 2007 @ edu.sina.com.cn, 425 newly emerging  words and terms entering the Chinese language in 2007 (all in Chinese, NO English) [ http://edu.sina.com.cn/zt/focus/2007xcy/index.html ]

Interesting Words & Phrases in the Confucius Classroom of China Radio International as compiled by Jinan University, audio radio lessons for 32 idiomatic words and phrases (all in Chinese, NO English) [ ]

Word picture blog @ HuaZhongWen.com, one cute cartoon for each word, added in blog style [ http://huazhongwen.com/ ]

Vocabulary @ chinesehacks.com, blog posts on various interesting aspects of Chinese vocabulary [ http://chinesehacks.com/category/vocabulary/ ]

Vocabulary posts @ Chinese Language Net, over 40 articles on various points of Chinese vocabulary, mostly just in Chinese (NO pinyin) [ http://hanyu.zhyww.cn/List_958.html ]

wordbuddy.com, online vocabulary learning system, generate your own vocabulary database, learn with a community, online dictionary, explore characters and radicals, make flashcards, share tricks to memorize words, quiz system with spaced repetition [ http://www.wordbuddy.com/ ]

- Lists of the Most Common Chinese Words
- downloadable Software packages for learning Chinese vocabulary with computer flashcards, memorization systems, spaced repetition, tests / quizzes / activities

thousands of everyday Chinese words & phrases with audio, "Ting" website @ University of Maine at Farmington
"Ting" Chinese Study Center website @ University of Maine at Farmington - thousands of everyday words and phrases with audio

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