Listen to Chinese to improve your ability to Comprehend Chinese, with free online AUDIO LESSONS

Improve your Chinese LISTENING ability - your ability to COMPREHEND Chinese - with hundreds and hundreds of free AUDIO LESSONS, online!

"Chinese Society in the New Millennium" companion website with hundreds of video clips, language exercises, hundreds of unscripted video clips on a broad range of topics, with Chinese transcripts and English translations - a companion website to the textbook The Routledge Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course: Crossing Cultural Boundaries [ ]

Everyday Topics in "Ting" Chinese Study Center website @ University of Maine at Farmington

- Extensive collection of thousands of words and phrases, each with audio by multiple speakers, organized into over 20 topic categories. You can open an account to choose words you wish to learn: review lists, flash cards, quizzes. [ ]

Listening Comprehension @ Oxford University's CTCFL
, over 50 short listening passages with audio and comprehension questions and answers, for Intermediate Level

Listening Comprehension Chinese Exercises by Mingliang HU @ Connecticut College, around 100 exercises with media files [ ]

Chinese Listening Comprehension @ Jinan University, hundreds of audio lessons with audio activities for learning listening comprehension (in MP3 file format, all in Chinese, NO English) [ ]

Digital Audio Bank for Chinese language learning @ Jinan University, complete collection of audio listening comprehension lessons consisting of over a thousand audio clips for five course books (for Windows Media browser plugin; totally in Chinese, NO English) [ ]: News Listening Comprehension Course (新闻听力教程) || Chinese Listening & Speaking Course (汉语听说教程) || Chinese Listening Comprehension Course (汉语听力教程) || Chinese for International Business (国际商务汉语) || Business Chinese Listening & Speaking (经贸汉语听和说)

hundreds of unscripted Chinese video clips, with Chinese transcripts and English translations,  broad range of topics, hosted at Duke University
"Chinese Society in the New Millennium" - unscripted video clips

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