NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER textbook lessons, resources & supplementary materials

Lessons, resources & supplementary materials centered around the "NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER" textbook series - the granddaddy of Chinese textbooks from mainland China. Published by the Beijing Language and Culture University Press - first in 1981 as "Practical Chinese Reader". It is compiled under the sponsorship of the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language / Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) and in consultation with the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Guidelines.

Lessons 1-48 Texts & Exercises & Audio @ Oxford University, with text, translations, audio, pronunciation, listening exercises, grammar assignments and more. [ ]

Study Guides for Lessons 1 - 15 [ ],
Study Guides for Lessons 16 - 24 [ ]

"Ting" Chinese English Dictionary, based on the vocabulary from "Practical Chinese Reader Series:  Books I and II" [ ]

Vocabulary Lists @ for Practical Chinese Reader , In lesson order, In pinyin order, In English order. The words of Book I are taken from the 1997 edition. The words of Book II words are taken from the 1998 edition. [ ]

Vocabulary List @ for Practical Chinese Reader in pinyin order [ ]

tabular Character Finder, by radical, to accompany PCR books I, II and III, simplified & traditional (link is to version of this old but useful site)

downloadable adaptive Flashcard Program for vocabulary in PCR 1, 2 & 3, lesson by lesson [ ]

Video Supplementary Material for over 70 lessons of NPCR I, II, III [ ]

Audio & Video for lessons 1-30 [ ], Audio for Lessons 1-16 [ ]

Audio @ by Dr Kylie Hsu for all 30 lessons of Practical Chinese Reader I, recordings of the main dialogues/narratives [ ]

Character practice sheets and Flashcards by Dr Kylie Hsu @ for all 30 lessons of Practical Chinese Reader I   [ ]

Character Writing Sheets for PCR Book I, one PDF document for all Lessons 1-30 [ ]

lesson by lesson E-Resource Book collection of links to online learning materials of PCR users (Lessons 1-15, nothing yet for 16-22, Lessons 23-27, nothing yet for 28-30) [ ]

Learning Aids Online for the PCR [ ]

Learning Aids Online for "Practical Chinese Reader" by Prof. Tim Tianwei XIE @
Learning Aids Online for the "Practical Chinese Reader" textbook by Prof. Tim Tianwei XIE @

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  1. it is PCR, the old one that you re providing... Not the New PCR... And yr title is: "NEW PRACTICAL CHINESE READER textbook lessons, resources & supplementary materials"

  2. You're right, most are for PCR. When there are more resources for NPCR (or if anyone points out any others for NPCR) we'd want to put them here too. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Anyway, thanks for the efforts!

  4. tabular Character Finder, by radical, to accompany PCR books I, II and III, simplified & traditional [ ] - these links do not work (checked March 2016)

  5. Thanks. Because you pointed that out, that link has been changed now to take you to an version of that "Character Finder, by radical", so you can still use that old tool to find out which characters are introduced in which PCR lesson chapters, according to radical - but it's not perfect.

    Your comments can help everyone. Keep it up!

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