"INTEGRATED CHINESE" textbook lessons, resources, supplementary materials

Lessons and resources centered around the "INTEGRATED CHINESE" textbook series, created by Chinese teachers from various American universities - "probably the most popular textbook series for teaching Chinese at the (American) college level. First published in 1997, it is now in its third edition (2008)."

General Information on "Integrated Chinese" textbook series [ http://eastasia.hawaii.edu/yao/icusers/general.htm ]

Supplementary Web Resources @ hawaii.edu for the "Integrated Chinese" textbook series [ http://eastasia.hawaii.edu/yao/icusers/icweb.htm ]
- e.g. "Integrated Chinese" Level 1 Vocabulary Lists per lesson on PowerPoint [ http://eastasia.hawaii.edu/yao/icVocPP/default.htm ]
- e.g. "Integrated Chinese" Vocabulary Trainer for 23 IC lessons (need pop-up windows) [ http://eastasia.hawaii.edu/yao/icfc/index.html ]
- e.g. "Integrated Chinese" Level 1 Word Games such as matching, concentration & flashcards by Mary Jacob @ ucdavis.edu
- e.g. "Integrated Chinese" Level 2 (Intermediate), Character Learning Exercises, through stroke order, quizzes & exercises for each lesson #1 - #19 [ http://faculty.virginia.edu/cll/chinese/index.html ]

Dialogues & Exercises @ berkeley.edu - chapter by chapter dialogues from Integrated Chinese Level 1 read aloud in high quality audio, as well as listening exercises, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and unscrambling of sentences. [ http://www.language.berkeley.edu/ic/gb/toc.html ]

Listening to Integrated Chinese Dialogues @ chinesetolearn.com, audio for 15 lessons of Integrated Chinese [ http://www.chinesetolearn.com/integrated-chinese-dialogue-listening-comprehension/ ] [ http://www.chinesetolearn.com/listening-comprehension/ ]

Chinese Characters for "Integrated Chinese" textbook lessons @ usc.edu, stroke order animation, with English, Pinyin and audio, follows “Integrated Chinese” lessons
http://www.usc.edu/dept/ealc/chinese/newweb/character_page.html ]

Supplementary Materials for "Integrated Chinese" @ sdsu.eduhttp://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/dept/chinese/old_site/classmaterial.html ] E-texts and extensive materials

Exercises for Lessons 1 - 10 @ colby.edu
[ http://www.colby.edu/personal/k/kabesio/exindex.html ]

Dialogues & Exercises for "Integrated Chinese" textbook @ University of California at Berkeley
Dialogues & Exercises for "Integrated Chinese" textbook @ University of California at Berkeley

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