Comprehensive Chinese language lessons and courses from Universities and Educational Institutions

Totally free! Comprehensive lessons, courses and materials for learning the Chinese language from Universities and Educational Institutions.

 OpenCourseWare Chinese Language Courses
, 6 courses for 6 levels of Chinese ]

Rutgers University Multimedia Chinese Teaching System, 80 units in 4 levels, with audio files, reading and language notes, NO activities?  [ ]

Oxford University's CTCFL
Chinese Language Course, over 25 lessons, Intermediate/Advanced, with Text, Vocabulary, Grammar, Assignments, Listening exercises, Written exercises ]
"Chinese Multimedia" course, 22 lessons in simplified characters at elementary-intermediate level. Each lesson consists of the following standard sections: Video and text Vocabulary Listening and speaking, Grammar exercises, Characters, Multiple choice ]

University of Iowa's Chinese Reading World, over 150 reading lessons each with audio and questions, for Beginning and Intermediate levels [ ]

University of Virginia Chinese readings on their Chinese Language and Literature website, over 50 readings with audio for Beginners and Intermediate levels [ ]

Kenyon College Survival Chinese, by Professor Jianhua Bai.
20 units of Survival Chinese each centered on a video clip, designed for students of low intermediate level who want to improve their listening skills and to learn to function in various real-life situations in China. The materials make use of video clips, Chinese texts with pop up annotations, various types of listening comprehension exercises. [ ]

Chinese Language Courses, 6 levels, MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT OpenCourseWare Chinese Language Courses, 6 courses for 6 levels of Chinese

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