A multitude of free online TOOLS for learning the Chinese language!

Learn Chinese with a multitude of incredible free online language learning TOOLS!

Arch Chinese
 super multi-featured "Chinese learning system" [ 
http://www.archchinese.com/ ]
Key features include:

Chinesetools.eu [ http://www.chinesetools.eu/ ] includes:
Chinese Dictionary of Examples || Chinese Translator || Chinese Text To Speech || Romanization Converter || Chinese Annotated News || Chinese Annotation Tool || Chinese Number Conversion || Chinese Unit Converter || Chinese Stroke Order || Chinese Practice Sheet generator || Hand Writing Recognition || Chinese To Pinyin Converter || BIG5 To GB || GB To BIG5 || Chinese To Unicode for HTML || Unicode HTML To Chinese (for decoding Unicode) || Pinyin To Unicode for HTML || Pinyin Virtual Keyboard (output pinyin with tone marks) || Online IME (Write Chinese using pinyin) || Chinese Family Titles || Make a Chinese Calligraphy || Name in a Chinese Drawing || Chinese Painting Generator

Chinese-tools.com [ http://www.chinese-tools.com/tools ] includes:
Online Dictionaries against multiple languages|| Chengyu Dictionary of 30,000 proverbial idioms || Annotation Tool || online Chinese Input system using pinyin || Mouse Chinese Input system by writing with your mouse || Pinyin Editor for your computer || Write Pinyin with Tone Marks || Chinese text to Pinyin Converter || Traditional to Simplified converter || Simplified to Traditional Converter || Chinese Family Relationship Terms || Create your own Chinese Calligraphy

Mandarintools.com [ http://www.mandarintools.com/ ], over 30 tools, with:
flashcards || annotator || add pinyin || online dictionary || Chinese GIF creator || Chinese encoding converters for computerized characters || number converter || calendar converter || Chinese segmenter
Chinese Romanization Converter, between 9 phonetic systems including Pinyin (numbers, tone marks), Bopomofo, Yale, Wade-Giles [ http://www.mandarintools.com/pyconverter.html ]

Chinese Savvy Toolbox [ http://app.chinesesavvy.com/services/tools/ ] lots, including:
text-to-speech & pinyin-to-speech generators || Chinese Pinyin Editor writes with tone marks || write Chinese characters by pinyin input || write Chinese characters by mouse handwriting input || Chinese Annotation adds pinyin || Chinese pinyin pronunciation tool || Chinese English translator || Chinese speech generator || Chinese measurement unit converter

Chinese projects @ lost-theory.org [ http://lost-theory.org/chinese/ ]
        - [ http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/ ]
                 - Animated Chinese Characters writing stroke by stroke
                     [ http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/chargif/ ]
                 - Convert Chinese text to Image (PNG)... with styles!
                    [ http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/reaj/ ]
        - Chinese Phonetics Table with sound files
           [ http://lost-theory.org/chinese/phonetics/ ]
        - Type a pinyin string to hear how it sounds, pinyin-to-speech
           [ http://lost-theory.org/chinese/phonetics/playstring.html ]

Chinese projects: stroke animated Chinese characters, convert Chinese text to Image, Chinese phonetics table with sound files,  @ lost-theory.org
Chinese projects @ lost-theory.org: stroke animated Chinese characters, convert Chinese text to Image, Chinese phonetics table with sound files

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