What is the proper stroke order to write that Chinese character?

Learn to Write Chinese Characters @ learnchineseez.com, 4000 characters (in order of usage frequency) with animated strokes, dictionary information and usage examples
- Simplified charactershttp://www.learnchineseez.com/read-write/simplified/index.php ]
- Traditional charactershttp://www.learnchineseez.com/read-write/traditional/index.php ]

Animated Chinese Characters @ lost-theory.org/ocrat, stroke order animation for Chinese characters in animated GIF images [ http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/chargif/ ]

Chinese Character Stroke Order Dictionary @ visualmandarin.com, stroke order diagrams for characters in Pinyin order, with English, Pinyin and audio [ http://www.visualmandarin.com/tools/chinese-stroke-order/ ]

Chinese Characters for "Integrated Chinese" textbook lessons @ usc.edu, stroke order animation, with English, Pinyin and audio, follows “Integrated Chinese” lessons
http://www.usc.edu/dept/ealc/chinese/newweb/character_page.html ]

Stroke Order Diagrams @ chineselearners.net,  stroke order Java applet, enter any Chinese character (not pinyin) [ http://www.chineselearners.net/OnlineTools/ShowStrokeOrder ]

Chinese Dictionary @ shuifeng.net, in Pinyin order, NO English, stroke order animator with some morphological data, with audio [ http://www.shuifeng.net/Dic/Html/Index.htm ]

Learn to Write Characters by Dr Tim Tianwei Xie @ csulb.edu,  lots of characters and their animated GIFs in Pinyin order, both Simplified and Traditional [ http://www.csulb.edu/~txie/azi/page1.htm ] [ http://www.elanguageschool.net/chinese/writing ]

Strokes of Chinese Characters @ china.org.cn, over 40 lessons to show you how to write the strokes for over 250 characters, grouped by meaning
[ http://www.china.org.cn/learning_chinese/chinese_characters/node_7046036.htm ]

Chinese Characters for "Integrated Chinese" textbook lessons, stroke order animation,  @ University of Southern California usc.edu
Chinese Characters for "Integrated Chinese" textbook lessons @ usc.edu, stroke order animation

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  1. There is an awesome channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMwIqQV-51rI4zoh1dkh5IA

  2. this link was broken, Chinese Dictionary @ shuifeng.net, in Pinyin order, NO English, stroke order animator with some morphological data, with audio [ http://www.shuifeng.net/Dic/Html/Index.htm ]

    I found a new https://www.cchatty.com/dictionary, with audio and stokes.

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