Learn to speak Chinese while listening to audio lessons

audio Chinese Lessons @ melnyks.com, almost 200 audio lessons (about 20 mins per lesson?) [ http://www.melnyks.com/site-map/ ]

China Radio International (CRI) Learn Chinese programs, audio recordings of the Chinese lesson broadcasts using English with hanzi & pinyin transcripts:

iMandarinPod.com podcast audio lessons, over 35 audio lessons, with "vocabulary, grammar, exercises and transcripts... In each podcast, we will introduce a topic about Chinese culture or what is happening today in China. We are not teaching a pure language (yes, we do explain vocabulary words, phrases, sentences and grammar points in each podcast)... we are teaching Chinese by introducing Chinese culture under real circumstances..." Check their homepage for any latest additions.

Learn Chinese @ CNTV.cn
, includes:
Survival Chinese, 36 audio lessons (the same from iMandarinPod above) consisting of simple sentences for speaking conversational Chinese in "everyday situations", with English and pinyin, audio lesson instructed in English 
http://english.cntv.cn/program/learnchinese/survivalchinese/index.shtml ]
CRI Chinese Studio, around 200 written transcripts of five minute radio broadcasts from China Radio International (same above) for speaking simple conversational Chinese sentences and phrases for everyday situations, with hanzi, English and pinyin, audio lesson instructed in English 
http://english.cntv.cn/program/learnchinese/chinesestudio/index.shtml ]

World Learner Chinese audio lessons, 26 free audio lessons at basic level [ http://www.worldlearnerchinese.com/content/public-categories ]

Audio Chinese @ Western Kentucky University by Professor Haiwang YUAN, numerous simple phrases under different categories, with English, Pinyin and audio [ http://people.wku.edu/haiwang.yuan/AudioChinese/index.html ]

Useful Survival Expressions @ newconceptmandarin.com, audio files for speaking basic survival Chinese categorized by 23 different unit topics [ http://www.newconceptmandarin.com/learning-tools/useful-survival-expression.aspx ]

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audio of Chinese lessons, using English with hanzi & pinyin transcripts, @ China Radio International (CRI)
China Radio International (CRI), recordings of Chinese lesson broadcasts, with English

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