Listen online to Chinese songs and radio to learn Chinese

Popular Songs @, 50 songs, with audio, Chinese lyrics, some vocabulary translated into English [ ] [ ]

Song Paradise @ 10 pop songs, each song is presented in four parts including brief introduction, lyrics in Chinese and English version and new words and phrases, with audio file download [ ]

Chinese Song List @, over 100 folk, classic and popular songs with videos; arranged by artist; lyrics in Chinese, pinyin and English [ ]

Pop & Folk Music @, over 100 pop & folk songs with audio & Chinese lyrics (no Pinyin, no English) [ ]

Chinese Songs @, over 60 songs covering over 8 genres, with audio file, video, Chinese lyrics with pinyin, and each word can be translated into English using mouseover annotations [ ]

Learn Chinese through Songs @, over 50 Chinese pop songs with audio, Chinese lyrics, pinyin, English translation and explanatory synopsis of the song [ ]

Sing Sing Sing @, over 30 songs, with audio (plus line by line audio), Chinese lyrics, pinyin, English translation [ ]

Pop Songs @, around 20 popular songs, with videos, Chinese lyrics and pinyin [ ]

Chinese karaoke pop videos @, a website in English full of Chinese karaoke pop videos, lyrics in Chinese and pinyin (no English translation) [ ], a website in English with thousands of Chinese pop songs with audio, lyrics in Chinese and pinyin, and English machine translation available [ ], over 50 Youtube videos with Chinese lyrics and pinyin, over 1000 song lyrics in total with pinyin [ ]

Search for "pinyin+lyrics" @
 [ ]

Classical Poems sung for children @, over 250 video songs with lyrics from classical poems, with Chinese subtitles, explanation and analysis in Chinese, uses Flash player browser plugin (click on 歌曲视频) at [ ]

Online Chinese radio station directory @ [ ]

learn to sing Chinese karaoke pop videos, lyrics in Chinese and pinyin, @
Chinese karaoke pop videos @, lyrics in Chinese and pinyin

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