Free Software Packages for Learning Chinese

MDBG Chinese Reader software [ ] free version is ad-supported
annotate Chinese text / Auto-translate / Web Translate / translate with mouseover / translate highlighted text / Dictionary lookup / AutoPronounce / Breakdown (decompose) compound words / Show HSK levels (Chinese proficiency exam) / Multi-language ExtensionsMLX  / Lookup, Favorites and History lists / List management (export, sort, group, show/hide) / Rubytext annotation

Character Mine [ ]
“This is a daily self-test program for learning Chinese vocab. The program continuously encourages you to form connections between the new items you are learning and your existing vocabulary database. Your existing database of characters is presented as an interconnected web, allowing infinite drilldown… lets you add items to your list… If offers a host of additional features such as one-click image search and flash-card style testing…”

Anki flashcard software (Spaced Repetition System) [ ]
Flashcard software (with online web version) that is content-agnostic and supports images, audio, videos. Spaced Repetition System for flashcard learning deployment.

Gradint flashcard software (Graduated-Interval-Recall) for self-study of foreign languages
[ ]
Software to make audio “flashcards” that appear in a special pattern designed to help you remember. Uses a variant of the “graduated-interval recall” method published by Pimsleur.

Studybase Mandarin is a database and a viewer application that contains a vast array of resources with which to study Mandarin. These include FlashCards, Lessons, Tests, Chat interpreters, IME, and dictionaries. Module One is a data file that contains the first group of lessons. Version 0.45 adds data and security improvements. Module Two is a data file that contains the second group of lessons.

WaveSurfer, free software for sound visualization [ ]
use it to visualize and improve your pronunciation of Chinese rising and falling tones

open-source software application for Chinese vocabulary flashcards, ZDT (Zhongwen Development Tool)
ZDT (Zhongwen Development Tool),  an open-source software application for Chinese vocabulary flashcards & writing practice

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